Information And Policies

The information below is arranged in alphabetical order to make it easy to locate.

The information we provide and the policies we follow, are designed to inform and therefore, make as fair as possible, our relationship with our customers.  If you have any additional questions about the information on this page, please let us know.

Airport Arrivals

If for any reason including weather, security, airline or mechanical issues, you miss your airport arrival flight or any intermediate connecting flight that will affect or change your arrival, you must notify Vista Ride Service immediately either by phone or email. Please advise us of any arrangement changes that occur as a result. Failure to do this will result in the full trip and waiting time charges being assessed.

Airport Departures

It is advisable to verify the flight departure time and status with your airline or ticket seller before leaving for the airport to avoid any inconvenience including lengthy airport waiting time resulting from flight departure disruptions or cancellation. Vista Ride Service will not be held responsible for any inconveniences relating to flight departure disruptions or cancellations for any reason.

For your information and convenience, we have provided the following websites for the airports we service. These websites contain links to various airlines’ websites from which flight statuses, both departures and arrivals can be checked.

Please click on the links below

Toronto Pearson | Toronto Island Airport | Hamilton Airport | London Airport | Buffalo Airport | Detroit Airport

Border Crossing Waiting Time

Any non-traffic related border crossing delays due to passenger immigration or customs issues will be subject to waiting time charges after 15 minutes of delay. Border waiting time charges are $10 per each 15 minute segment.

Cancellations & Refunds

We require at least 24 hours notice for all ride cancellations otherwise a $30 fee will be charged. Airport and non-airport pickup no-shows will be charged the full service price.

12 hour cancellation notice must be given for all airport rides.

Vista Ride Service reserves the right to keep deposits for out of town private or shared charters unless 48 hour prior notice of cancellation is given.

Cash Deposits

A minimum $125 or 25% deposit, which ever is less, is required for all out of town private or shared charters booked 48 or more hours in advance.

Child Seats

Includes a clean secured child car seat according to your child’s requirements.

Supplied by Vista Ride Service as securing and tethering requirements are set to fit our transport vehicles.

Must be used in accordance with prevailing Child Seat Requirements as stated below.

Child Seat Requirements (Ontario Law)

The information below is taken from the web link below. Please refer to this link for full information: //

Category I Birth – 9kg/20 lbs of weight
Requirement: Rear facing infant car seat

Category II 9-18 kg/40-80 lbs of weight
Requirement: Forward facing regular car seat used with tether strap

Category III 18-36 kg/40-80 lbs of weight ‘and’ under 8 years of age ‘and’ under 145 cm/4’9″ of height
Requirement: Booster seat used with lap and shoulder belt

Category IV 36+ kg/80+ lbs of weight ‘or’ 8+ years of age ‘or’ 145+ cm/4’9″+ of height
Requirement: No child seat requirement

Distance Surcharges

Passengers will be advised of any applicable distance surcharges when the price quotes are given either by phone or email.

Distance surcharges apply to pickup and drop-off locations outside of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

Outlying areas of Cambridge may be subject to a nominal distance surcharge.

All distance surcharges are in addition to the regular ride fares as listed on the Prices page.

For separate parties sharing the ride from the same out-of-town location or area, distance surcharges will be apportioned accordingly.


Must fit safely in luggage area.

Passengers may be asked to assist driver with large or heavy suitcases.

Driver is not permitted to enter a dwelling, airport, bus or train terminal to deliver or retrieve luggage for reasons of parking and safety; hotel / motel / workplace lobby is exempt from this rule.

Due to the size of our vehicles and for safety reasons, oversize and certain large items may or may not be allowed. Examples include trunks, crates, equipment, furniture, large electronics, snow/surf boards and bicycles (fully assembled, partially assembled or boxed). These items must be fully disclosed at the time of booking and if allowed will be subject to additional charges to be discussed at the time of booking.

We do not have an overly strict luggage allowance policy but excessive luggage based on number of persons travelling may be subject to additional charges. Allowable luggage policy for airport trips follows that of most airlines which includes one checked suitcase and one carry-on.

Luggage amount and type must be disclosed at time of booking as this may affect the number of passengers the vehicle can hold. Any luggage information not disclosed at time of booking, may be subject to an additional charge.

Passenger Conduct

Vista Ride Service reserves the right to refuse service to anyone exhibiting disorderly conduct or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Under no circumstances will we take on passengers we perceive to be a threat to our driver, other passengers or our equipment.


Trips payable at trip end unless other arrangements made.


Transported solely at the discretion of Vista Ride Service

Must be in an appropriate pet carrier

Type and size of pets must be disclosed at time of booking otherwise transport may be refused.

Additional charges will apply and will depend on the size of the pet and distance of trip.

Pickup Times

At Vista Ride Service your safety and comfort is our foremost concern. As such we will leave the pickup location at such a time to ensure a safe and timely arrival at your destination including leaving some extra time for the unexpected.

As travel time may be affected by either or all of the following: known adverse weather, road conditions, traffic levels, and enroute slowdowns; Vista Ride Service may from time to time have to dictate the pickup times to ensure a safe and timely arrival at your destination.

Failure to comply with the dictated time will put at risk your on time arrival at your destination, including the airport for your flight, for which we will not be held responsible.

At no time will we engage in speeding or practice unsafe driving due to a pickup time deemed unfit for the known adverse weather, road conditions, traffic levels and enroute slowdowns.

If the pickup time is deemed unfit and for a safe and timely arrival at your destination, Vista Ride Service maintains the right to refuse service and cancel the ride.


All prices, fees, waiting time and distance surcharges include applicable sales taxes.

All trips originating or ending outside of Canada are not subject to sales tax.

We operate in an environment of regularly changing fuel prices and may from time to time add a temporary fuel surcharge or adjust our prices without notice to reflect prevailing fuel price conditions.

Price quotes are valid for 30 days from the date they are sent.


We are committed to serving our customers in the best possible way and do not divulge any information about our customers unless by Court Order.

Ride Sharing (for airport service)

As we are not a shuttle service, we cannot predict nor guarantee at any given time, that a rideshare will be available.

The rideshare price, if available, can only be guaranteed once the ride has commenced with the other customers on board as we cannot control whether a customer cancels a reservation with us nor do we charge cancellation fees.

We offer the choice of sharing rides to and from airports, with others to save on fares, should the opportunity become available, and space and schedules permitting.

Price discount applies to the base price only as displayed on the Prices page. Please call or email if you wish to obtain information on ride sharing pricing.

Ride sharing requires additional flexibility for pickup times for rides both to and from the airport.

‘Going to the airport’ ride sharing will require that you have a flexible pickup time of up to 2 hours earlier than your requested pickup time.

‘Getting picked up from the airport’ ride sharing will require that you have a flexible airport pickup time of up to 2 hours later than your otherwise normal pickup time due to waiting for other flight arrival(s). If more than 2 hours waiting is expected due to flight delays only of other passengers, if available we will provide another vehicle, for a non-rideshare price or offer an additional discount of $16/hour should you choose to wait the additional amount of time past 2 hours for other flight arrival(s). Compensated waiting time ends when the flight(s) land as we cannot predict airport customs/immigration delays nor offer compensation for them.

Sunday Service

At Vista Ride Service we honor Sunday as a day of rest and family, as such, Sunday service is primarily directed towards airport service with advance notice recommended.

Waiting Time

Waiting time is charged where the driver is asked to wait for passengers at a given location. This would apply to waiting during appointments, sporting and music events, and personal trips, etc. We do not charge waiting time for airport pickups.

In the event that passengers are not ready by the scheduled pickup time, the driver will inform them that waiting time will be charged at $30/hour after 10 minutes. This cost will be in addition to any quoted price.